Corona Virus

Bansal Global Hospital is fully operational for Covid 19 patients, as approved by Government of India Best Hospital in Delhi NCR The multi-specialty Bansal Global Hospital is now fully functional for Covid 19 patients, as authorized by the Government of India. A top-class private hospital located in North-West Delhi, the Bansal Global Hospital offers the …

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What Precautions to be Taken During Corona Virus? 1.Keep a distance of at least 6 feet away from people or anyone who is sick, because if they sneeze or cough, the droplet from their nose or mouth may contain the contagious virus. If you are standing too close, you will certainly breathe in the droplets, …

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  Diabetes – A Chronic Medical Condition Diabetes is a serious health condition which occurs when the pancreas is no longer able to produce insulin or in another words your blood glucose (sugar) is higher than the normal. Insulin is a hormone made by the pancreas that balances your blood glucose levels. When the body …

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back pain

Back pain

Are you suffering from back pain? Back pain is a very common ailment and millions of people suffer from this pain. The lower back or the lumbar spine, is an extraordinarily well planned structure of intersecting ligaments, bones, nerves, joints and muscles functioning together to provide adequate robustness, elasticity and assistance to the body.  But …

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Are you suffering from frequent acidity amidst this lock down and unable to visit a doctor? Are you often experiencing a burning sensation these days, which upsurges from your stomach and reaches your esophagus through your chest? This illness is referred to as heart-burn or acidity. Heart burn is a sign of Gastroesophageal Reflux disease …

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A prenatal check up also referred to as antenatal check up is a pre-emptive healthcare to prevent potential health problems. It is the routine health control of presumed healthy pregnant women. Antenatal visit ensures the safety of mother and child both. Once your pregnancy is confirmed, it is important for you to have regular checkups …

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Angina – Symptoms & Risk factor: Angina is a type of pain in the chest or discomfort in your chest that is caused due to poor blood flow through the coronary arteries to the heart. It implies that the heart muscle is not getting sufficient oxygen.  Symptoms of Angina are: Extreme Sweating Shortness of breath …

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