5 Foods to avoid if you have Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are deposits of mineral that amass on the inner linings of the kidneys. While some kidney stones are so small that they go unnoticed and pass through the urinary tract, some might grow larger and cause inconvenience. In fact, a kidney stone can grow up to the size of golf ball.

The stones sometimes contain calcium oxalate along with mineral deposit. If you have such stones, some foods can increase the size of it, making it difficult to the body to get rid of it. Your doctor would be the best to judge what kind of a stone you have.

The specialists at Bansal Global Hospital recommend avoiding the following kinds of food, if you have calcium oxalate stones, as they are rich in oxalate or in some way contribute to the growth of your kidney stone(s):

Nuts and Nut products

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Sodium-rich food

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Animal Proteins

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Excess Vitamin-C

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At Bansal Global Hospital, we believe that every patient is different and the requirements are therefore varying. So, it is best to follow your doctor’s advice. Stone can be of different types and only your physician can give you the best advice.

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