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Why pre-natal vitamins are important for the mother

Many families in India still consider that pregnancy is a natural process and that it should be left upon nature to deliver the baby in all its health. Of course, it is a natural process but to deny medical advice and consultation because it is sheer ignorance.

It is true that women in ancient India didn’t need any doctors or prenatal supplements to deliver the baby. But then, it is equally true that there was a high rate of infant mortality rate and even there was a high risk to the health of the mother.

So, why is it that prenatal vitamins are important and Gynaecologist in Delhi (and elsewhere) recommend it highly? Let’s see:

  • It gets the baby required nutrients for its healthy development.
  • A woman’s daily nutrient requirement increases during pregnancy, food alone can’t suffice. So, there vitamins and supplements are of great help.
  • It reduces the chances of any kind of deficiencies in the newly born baby.

But then, it is not recommended to take a whole lot of supplements. It is important to consult your Gynaecologist before you intake any kind of medicines or nutrient-rich capsules.

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