Is your little girl turning 13

Is your little girl turning 13? Here’s what you should do!

It is a difficult job to be a parent. The role of a parent keeps changing as the child goes through different phases of life. While things go smooth while your child is little, your responsibilities increase when they move towards puberty. The age of puberty can be different in different children but in girls, it is mostly at the onset of 13.

And while both girls and boys need extra care during this period, both of them need a different kind of handling. So, for your little girl, here’s what you need to do:

  • Be more like a friend. Be patient and listen to them.
  • Talk to her about periods and her reproductive organs.
  • Give her a kit which can help her if her periods start without you being there. It should be kept in her school bag as well.
  • Talk to her about the possible attractions she might feel towards boys and that it is necessarily not loved. ( It will help her focus in your career)
  • Convince her that you will be there to answer her queries so she doesn’t look for it from unreliable sources like the internet (all’s not reliable there) and her same age group friend who probably know maybe lesser than her.
  • Instil confidence in her regarding her changing the body.

If you are having difficulties in talking about reproductive health to your child, you must take her to an experienced gynaecologist to do the job in a professional manner. You can book an appointment at Bansal Global Hospital for the same.

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