Dr. Bimla Bansal

Why Dr. Bimla Bansal is the Best Gynaecologist in Delhi NCR?

In a city like Delhi, it is not difficult to find a doctor. In fact, at every corner or nook, you can find clinics and other private institutions. But to find a good Doctor among the lot is the most difficult task. Many of the clinics are even run without a license and by unauthorised doctors and non-degree holders.

Moving towards women’s health, it is really important to not just go to a doctor for women related (and pregnancy) issues but to a gynaecologist who knows what she/he is doing.

Dr Bimla Bansal at Bansal Global Hospital easily fits into the category of a specialist doctor making Bansal Global Hospital (and other world-class facilities) the best maternity hospital in Delhi.

So, let’s look at the factors upon which we base our claim:

Qualification and Experience: Dr Bimla Bansal is a qualified gynaecologist with over 30 years of experience in the field. She has worked in apex government-run hospitals in the city and is now heading the obs and Gynae department of Bansal Global Hospital.

It’s not only words. She has even won many awards and accolades for her contributions in the field of women health.

So, next time you need going to a gynaecologist, make sure you are not just randomly picking a clinic but choosing the best one for the best treatment.

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