Biophysical ultrasound

Why is biophysical profile ultrasound done?

The biophysical profile is a type of ultrasound which is done for fetal monitoring. A score is developed using this prenatal ultrasound that indicates fetal well-being. This test is non-invasive and can be safely performed during pregnancy. It is usually done to check any risk of complications. This diagnostic method that can give a clear picture of different biophysical parameters, some of them are listed below:-

  1. It helps in monitoring fetal heart rate.
  2. Fetal breathing is monitored using a biophysical ultrasound.
  3. Torso and limb movements of the fetus can be observed in ultrasound.
  4. Muscle tone can be determined by fetal movements.
  5. It helps in determining the amount of amniotic fluid present in the womb.

A low biophysical score may indicate complications and further test can be required. Your doctor can determine the need for biophysical profile depending on your health status or medical history. You can avail the facility of biophysical ultrasound at Bansal Global Hospital. Consult your gynaecologist today.

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