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What to do if you’re Feeling Unwell?

It is very scary to even think of falling sick in the current situation, but if you are suffering from cough, fever, chills, muscle soreness, loss of taste or smell, there are chances you are infected from Covid 19. The symptoms can be mild to acute. But people who are older and have serious underlying conditions such as the lungs or heart disease or diabetes, are at higher threat of having more severe difficulties from a COVID-19 ailment. People who have slight illness, are able to recuperate at home without needing special treatment. But, if you feel, you were exposed to someone who was infected with the coronavirus, get emergency medical care instantly. It is essential for you to keep a track of all the warning signs and your symptoms. If you have any critical warning symptom like breathing problem, constant pain in the chest, new confusion, lips turning blue, difficulty in waking up, should seek medical attention immediately.


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If you are suffering from Covid- 19 or may have Covid 19, the below mentioned procedure will help you in taking care of yourself and also will prevent the spread of Coronavirus, in case of sickness:

  • Remain at home – People with mild illness, should restrict their movement except to get medical help
  • Take proper rest and drink ample water
  • Don’t use public transport
  • Be in regular touch with your doctor
  • Stay away from people at home, confined yourself to one room. If anyone at home comes in contact with you, cover your face
  • Keep a track of your symptoms 
  • Look for warning emergency signs such as breathing issue and inform your doctor
  • Take an appointment before visiting your doctor
  • Don’t share household items
  • Wash your hands often 

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