Does your child often wake up in the night in pain?

Are aching legs keeping your kid restless at night? They may be suffering from growing pain. Growing aches among children and infant are common type of limb pain. It is a restricting, sensitive, muscle pain that two out of every five kids are suffering from. 


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Growing pain are excruciating or unbearable pain usually occurs in the middle of the night triggering your child to wake up. The pain persists in the shins, calves, thighs, behind the knees and makes the child restless. The degree of the pain can be minor or very acute. The exact reason of growing is not known, but there are many theories behind it. The most likely reason can be:

  • Low pain threshold
  • Overuse of the legs – like playing, running 
  • Fewer bone strength 

When to visit a Doctor:

  • If the pain remains for a longer period of time
  • The pain persists in the morning as well 
  • Pain in the joints
  • Fever
  • An old injury still hurts
  • Unusual rash
  • Limping
  • Fatigue or weakness
  • Less active than normal

If the soreness and pain persists for a longer duration of time and the child is constantly suffering from it, it is advisable to get your child examined to eliminate any other possible reason of the pain. Consult our team of experts at Bansal Global Hospital. Fix your appointment today and contact us at +919911062832.

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