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Trying for pregnancy post 35

Many women try for a baby after 35, the trend towards getting pregnant post 35 or later (also referred to as “advanced maternal age”)seems to continue as more couples focus on establishing their career, financial stability and other factors which make them delay their parenthood. Trying to conceive after 35 is more difficult than at the age 25… but it is possible


At birth, a woman is born with number of eggs in their ovaries – about 1 million. As we get older, the eggs start decreasing and their quality as well. The lesser eggs in the ovaries, the fewer their chances of getting pregnant. But still, we only need one. Even, the fertility declines in men also with low sperm count, semen volume and mortality. Therefore, this age related factors make it difficult for women to conceive.

Even if you get pregnant, it is essential for you to go for a good antenatal check up, because older eggs are more likely to have some abnormalities which increases the chance of miscarriage

  • Risk attached to pregnancy over 35:
  • Delay in getting pregnant
  • Multiple pregnancies
  • Chances of developing gestational diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Babies have a high risk of Down syndrome
  • Premature baby

If you are over 35 and planning to have a baby, see your doctor for a preconception checkups and counseling. Consult our team of health care experts at Bansal Global Hospital immediately. Fix your appointment today and contact us at +919911062832

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