child to school in summers

Things to take care of while sending your child to school in summers

The summers in Delhi is getting deadlier by the day. While the government gave some relief for small school going children, it can’t be extended indefinitely. In the coming week, all students will be expected to show up at schools again.

You can’t let your child suffer in academics as well. So, here are some tips to remember while you prepare your kid to go to school again after the summer vacations:

  • Make sure the fabric of the school uniform is natural, most preferably, cotton.
  • Socks should also be of breathable fabric.
  • Pack two bottles, one for clean water and the other for glucose water. ( Don’t pack neembupaani as it might spoil)
  • Don’t reheat leftover dinner to pack for your child’s lunch box. The food can spoil in the heat. Prepare fresh food even if it isn’t so complex. In fact, pack less oily and simple food.
  • Pack a fruit as well.
  • Ensure that the school has proper water coolers to provide clean and cold water to kids during the summer season. If not so, complain to the concerned authorities.
  • Also, ensure that the toilets are clean or your kid can catch up germs pretty quick in this weather.
  • Along with a cotton handkerchief, also pack some tissues.
  • Bathe them after they come from school and also wash their school uniforms daily.

We cannot do anything about the summers but we can take measures to make sure our kids don’t suffer. If your children experience any kind of fever, nausea, restlessness, etc., they must be taken to the hospital for early care.

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