Can Yoga be a savage for health? ~ A Note by Bansal Global Hospital!

Even though Yoga has been a part of Indian history for hundreds of years, it is only now that it is getting its due recognition. More and more people are adopting yoga as a form of exercise to keep their mind and soul disease free.

So, are we saying that Yoga helps in preventing illnesses and diseases? It definitely does to a great extent. But how does it help?

Well, the first rule is to be regular. A day or a week’s worth of yoga will hardly do anything. You have to adopt it for months and years to see the difference. Perseverance is the key. On the long run, different asanas can help even with chronic diseases like pulmonary illnesses, diabetes, etc.

Other than that, it helps retain muscle health by stretching different muscles of your body as required. Bone health is also acquired by regular yoga, keeping a distance between you and age-related bone issues, says Dr Suresh Bansal, our Bone Specialist.

It might not come naturally. It takes time to perfect asana but if you are regular with the practice, you will soon be able to do most of the asanas with great ease.

Everything takes time same as yoga takes!

Though if you already have bone-related problems, you should consider professional treatment along with yoga as it speeds up the recovery process and protects your health from further deterioration.

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