Insufficiency of Doctors available

Pitfalls in treating emergency situations in India

Be it an epidemic or seasonal spread of various viral diseases, time and again we have seen that India is mostly unable to cope diligently with such situations. So, is it that India as a country is incapable to take care of its citizens? Well, it’s not that. It’s just that there are some pitfalls in treating emergency situations in India. Let’s have a look at them:

Emergency rooms already overcrowded

The population of India is pretty high and is a developing country, India has not been able to keep up with the medical services required for them. As a result, emergency rooms in government-run hospitals are always full.

And when an emergency hits, there is no room for the patients. Emergency rooms get over-crowded and make it difficult to deal with the situation.

Insufficiency of Doctors available

Not only the emergency rooms are full, but there are not enough doctors to attend to these patients. There should be several doctors at one time to deal with such a high number of patients during emergencies, but as it noticed, hardly one or two doctors are available at any given time.

Lack of funds& management in government hospitals

One of the main problems is the lack of funds. There are no enough funds provided by the government to equip these Hospitals and hire sufficient doctors. Even when there are funds, these are not utilized properly due to lack of management.

What’s the solution? The solution is to get the government into doing things. The need is to appeal to the government through proper channels to make medical services better.

Moreover, if you can afford private services, it’s best to choose it during emergencies as they are better equipped to cater to your needs.

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