Self Medication

Self Medication – Can we trust pharmacist or be our own Doctor?

Self – Medication is consuming a drug or a medicine on one’s own initiative or on the recommendation of a pharmacist, without consulting a doctor. It is a universal phenomenon in our country but also an impending contributor to antibiotic in us. No doubt, medicines are a blessing to mankind and have saved billions of lives across the world, only if used appropriately. Some medicines are often purchased over the counter and while of them require a prescription from the doctor. Every day, we are carrying out self medication to treat self diagnosed symptoms in the name of self care for us and our family or relying on a pharmacist’s advice for the ailment. 


Unreasonable use of antimicrobials without medical supervision may result in greater possibility of:

  • Inappropriate dosage
  • Unnecessary therapy
  • Pathogen resistance
  • Delay in seeking medical advice and proper treatment
  • Enhanced morbidity
  • In extreme conditions – Death
  • False instant relief, but long run repercussions
  • Drug addiction and abuse
  • Inaccurate diagnosis
  • Inappropriate drug can degenerate body condition

Taking a drug without consulting a physician can have long term side effects on the body. It is advisable to consult a doctor because they are trained to diagnose the medical condition and prescribe accordingly. Pharmacists are experts in dispensing medicines suggested by a medical doctor or Self medication can have serious consequences like reactions and can be potentially dangerous.

It is issued in public interest to stop procuring medicines without an expert advice of your treating doctor. This has a legal implication as well, the pharmacy may be held liable for dispensing scheduled drugs without proper instructions in the forms of prescriptions. 

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