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Second Trimester Pregnancy

The second trimester is the most convenient of all three phases. The second trimester of starts from Week 13 to Week 28 of your pregnancy period, during this phase one can even see a little baby bump and later in the stage you can feel a bit of movement of your baby. The early signs of pregnancy will even fade away like morning sickness, fatigue or anxiety and you will feel more energetic and less worn-out. 


During this trimester the baby starts growing. The doctor will also prescribe you ultrasound during 18th and 22nd week to see the growth of your baby. There will be other changes going through inside your body. Such as:

  1. Pain in the back: The additional weight you have gained during your pregnancy will put a lot of pressure on your back and hence will cause back ache. Use a proper back support to ease of the pressure on your back.
  2. Gum bleeding: Many pregnant women face swollen gum and gum bleeding during their 2nd trimester.
  3. Enlargement of breast: The breast size increases as the body is getting prepared to feed a child. It is advisable to wear a comfortable bra. 
  4. Frequent urination: During the second trimester the uterus will grow away from the pelvic cavity, which will frequently let you take loo breaks. This is normal don’t get worried about it. 
  5. Discharge: This is also very common during pregnancy. Use a panty liner in case you feel it is very uncomfortable. Consult your gynecologist in case the discharge smells foul or dark in color. 
  6. Constipation and acidity: As the body produces more a hormone known as progesterone. This can lead to heartburn and constipation. 
  7. Hemorrhoids: They are also referred as Varicose Veins, during second trimester these veins expand. This can be a little scratchy and sore. 

There is no need to get worried about the above mentioned symptoms. Fix an appointment with your gynecologist at Bansal Global Hospital for regular checkups

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