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The Bansal Global Hospital in Delhi provides high-quality treatment for all ear, nose, throat, and skin related disorders through its high-tech infrastructure. The ENT and skin department is managed by highly-qualified Otolaryngologists and Skin specialist who provides best medical outcome. ENT department is well-resourced with the latest medical technologies and has all medical provision that is required to diagnose and treat ear, nose and throat ailments. ENT specialists along with audiologists work for detailed assessment of hearing disorders and offer best medical treatment. The department of dermatology excels in curing standard as well as cutting-edge dermatology diseases like eczema, skin cancer, acne, psoriasis, hair loss, moles, sexually transmitted diseases, pemphigus, oral mucous membrane, genital disorder, general dermatology and leg ulcers. 

Bansal Global Hospital feels pride in helping its patients with a variety of illnesses affecting the ear, nose, throat and skin by providing both diagnosis and treatments on their premises. It has achieved brilliance in treatments and modernizations in the ENT and Skin discipline, making it one of the most visited hospitals by patients for their ear, nose, throat, head, neck, skin or balance disorders. Many of the tests are accessible at the time of the consultation with the expert doctor. This allows the patient to receive as much medical information about their condition as efficiently as possible. We provide specialist doctor and surgeon led care. The hospital has also won several accolades for delivering best medical services in every domain of medicine. The doctors at the Bansal Global Hospital ensures that every patient gets excellent medical treatment and the patients go back to their home with satisfaction and happiness with the treatment process and service. 

Salient feature

  • Audiology and speech therapy division that assists audiological diagnostics and speech recovery
  • Use of advanced technology, such as low dose X-ray systems, 4D ultrasound, etc. All these machineries and technical processes are handled by expert specialists
  • Offers the best cosmetic treatment at a reasonable cost
  • The goal is to deliver top class aesthetic treatment in both surgical and non-surgical procedures such as liposuction, reconstructive procedures, breast surgeries and many more
  • Globally renowned ENT and skin experts
  • Patient friendly and best environment to nurse patients with complex care needs
  • Supported by a dedicated team of Specialist Doctors and nurses 24 hours a day.

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