Paget's Disease: Symptoms, and Treatment

Paget’s Disease:Symptoms and Treatment

Paget’s Disease: Symptoms, and Treatment

Paget’s disease of the bone–– its causes, symptoms and treatment

Paget’s disease is the most common chronic disease of the skeleton. It affects the remodelling process of the bones. When an old bone becomes fragile it gets replaced with the new bone tissue.  With the Paget’s disease this process gets disrupted which results in new bone with abnormal shape and structure. It can affect any bone in the body. However, it often shows up in spine, skull, pelvis and legs.

What are the symptoms of Paget’s disease?

Most people show no symptoms and they discover Paget’s disease accidently after getting an X-ray for some other issues they have. But when symptoms do arise, the most common complaint is the bone pain.  However, some symptoms that can also indicate Paget’s disease include:

  • Fracture, due to brittle bone
  • Deformed bone
  • Advanced arthritis near the affected bone
  • Compressed nerves from enlarged bones
  • Hearing loss
  • Vision problems
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Abdominal pain
  • Constipation

What causes Paget’s disease?

The root cause of Paget’s disease is unknown. However, researchers suspect that it can be related to environmental or genetic factors.  Factors that can determine your risk of Paget’s disease are:

  • Age: People older than 55 are most likely to develop Paget’s disease.
  • Genes: Several genes appear to be associated with Paget’s disease.
  • Family history: You are more likely to develop the condition if someone in your family has this disease.

How will the doctor diagnose the Paget’s disease?

The doctor will normally first identify the possibility of Paget’s disease through a physical exam. They will examine the area that causing you discomfort and pain. They might suggest you X-ray scans, bone scans and blood tests to confirm their diagnosis and get the better picture of the condition to provide the appropriate treatment.

Treatment for Paget’s disease

There is no cure for Paget’s disease and its influence on the bone cannot be reversed. But with early detection and proper treatment, the symptoms can be managed.

In most cases, the symptoms do not show up. You might not need treatment but, it will still be monitored by your doctor regularly to ensure no complication develops in future.

If tests show that the disease is active and the treatment is needed. The doctor would recommend you medications for managing pain, assistive devices like a cane to prevent falling or surgical treatments to reduce its impact and prevent further complications.


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