Mother’s Diet For Increasing Breastfeeding – Advice by Dr. Bimla Bansal

As is evident from traditions over the years and medical findings, Breastfeeding is the best way to feed your child as it is naturally sufficient with all the vital nutrients required for the growth and immunity of the baby. But in some cases, the mother is incapable of producing enough milk for the child to feed on. As is pretty much obvious, the mother needs to have the proper nutrients to produce it for the baby. Here is a list of some foods which can help new mothers produce more milk to meet up the requirement of the baby:


It’s a wonder vegetable which helps women lactate well. It contains Vitamin A and improves the quality of milk produced.

Fennel Seeds:

They are natural digestives and helps in increasing the quantity of milk produced. Chew it after food as a refresher or just sprinkle it overcooked vegetables.

Bottle Gourd:

Not many people like it as a vegetable, but it is extremely high on nutrition for the mother. It keeps the mother hydrated due to its water content, is easy to digest, and helps in lactation by increasing the supply of milk.

Cumin Seeds:

Cumin seeds are known as an agent that helps in increasing milk supply but should be consumed in moderation. Just sprinkle a little over your food or drinks.

Oils and Fats:

Even though mothers are advised to stay away from fast food, but it is important to have it in moderation to enhance the supply of healthy fat for your baby. You can opt for healthier options like rice bran oil, olive oil, etc.


Apricots help by balancing the hormone level in mothers. Water and Juices: Make sure you are having sufficient water and fresh fruit juice to increase milk production. It helps in replacing the fluid lost during lactation.

Apart from having healthy and lactation enhancing foods, you need to take care of a few more things which are as much vital as the diet itself. Dr Bimla Bansal from Bansal Global Hospital, advice lactating women to:

Stay away from spicy food.
Eat short meals, at frequent time laps.
Feed your baby regularly.
Stay away from acidic foods.
Stay fit physically.

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