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5 Steps to tackle bed wetting problem in Children

Nocturnal enuresis or bed wetting can be very irritating and at the same time concerning for parents. It could be due to many reasons such as late maturation of bladder, cold temperature, anxiety, and other idiopathic causes. Bed wetting is normal till 6 years of age but in some kids, it may stay for a longer duration of time. Some ways to tackle this problem are listed below:

Encourage the Child to pee Before Bed

Children should make it a habit to go to the washroom before going to bed and they should be made to get up at dawn to use the toilet if necessary. In the starting days, parents should make it a routine to direct their children to do so.

Restrict Fluid Intake Before Bed

Children should not be given water or any fluid at least two hours before bed. The body won’t allow wastage of water if the body is in the scarcity of fluid. This helps in reducing the chances of bed wetting in children.

Maintain Room Temperature

Sometimes bed-wetting is a result of cold room temperature and the child is not able to get up and use the toilet. Don’t make the room too chilled and give your child a thick and cosy blanket during cold weathers and make sure your child is covered well throughout the night.

Reduce Anxiety

Bladder control and anxiety are closely related. Talk to your child if he or she is anxious about something. Your child may also get stressed about his or her social image regarding this problem. Avoid talking about their problem in social gatherings and try to make them comfortable as much as possible. Child specialist Bansal Global Hospital

See a Doctor

Bed wetting is usually temporary and stops with growing age. A child specialist should be consulted if the problem persists. Medications may be required to gain bladder control. Your doctor can also teach your child some bladder stretching exercises that help in retaining urine in the bladder for a longer time.

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