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5 Important Steps To Fight Cough in Children.

Coughing is a common issue seen in the adolescent age group. It could be due to various reasons such as allergic reaction, pollution, and change in season or any other infection. When any foreign material enters the respiratory system, it produces cough in order to get rid of it. Hence no harm is caused in the lungs. Though coughing is a defence mechanism of the body it can cause severe discomfort in children and hinder their normal day to day activities. Here are few ways to minimise cough in children:

Increase General Immunity

Our general immunity plays a major role in keeping our body free from diseases. If you frequently fall ill that means your child’s immunity is low. Proper diet and mild exercises can help in getting it back and keep your children away from infections that may cause cough and cold.


It is necessary to get your child vaccinated for whooping cough or diphtheria. DTaP vaccine is developed to protect a child against Diphtheria Pertussis and Tetanus making it an important vaccine for neonates. See an experienced vaccination doctor know about other vaccinations your child might require.

Use facemask

Due to increasing pollutants and other suspended particulate matters in the air, cough and allergies have grown more common in metro cities. Other than this continued construction activities are contributing to the problem. If you live in a highly polluted area it is mandatory for your child’s health to wear a face mask. The charcoal coated face mask can also be given to children if they are allergic to dust.

Avoid pollutants

Though it is next to impossible it is a good idea to stay indoors during high pollution time like afternoon and during the winter season to avoid getting frequent cough problems. Growing plants in your locality can help in reducing pollution. Use humidifiers and air purifiers at home to keep your house pollutant-free.

These are some self practising steps which you can go for if the intensity of cough is low, but if it worsens, you need to consult a Child Specialist for proper medications for your children. Also, don’t ignore coughing for a long time, even though it is mild. It can be a symptom of dangerous diseases like Tuberculosis. And as they say, ‘a stitch in time saves nine’.

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