Ways to prevent your child from Dengue

How You Can Protect Your Children from Dengue

Protect your child from Dengue:

With the rise in dengue cases in the country, parents are worried about their children’s wellbeing. It is impossible to keep your child indoors all the time. Dengue can affect all age groups. Therefore, your child is at an equal risk of dengue infection. Usually, the symptoms of dengue and normal fever are similar, therefore dengue signs are not easily noticeable. The kids are still growing and their immune system is not very strong, therefore this can increase the negative effect of dengue infection on their body. Mosquitoes are present everywhere, from home to school to garden, to bus, therefore it is vital to curtail all the factors which can increase the cases of dengue fever.

Dengue infection, if not treated immediately, can result in various complications such as seizures, pneumonia, cardiomyopathy, and in severe cases death. There are few preventive methods, which can help you prevent your child from the onset of dengue fever:

       1.Keep your house clean:

An unhygienic house is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Therefore, you need to keep your house clutter-free, especially the corners. They particularly grow in stagnant water, so don’t let water gather anywhere within the house and your surroundings as well. Avoid storing any water in open, cover them properly.

  1. Use repellants:

Mosquito repellants act as a savior since they keep mosquitoes away from your child when they are outside. The repellant protects your child for a minimum of 12 hours after the application. There are few mosquito repellents that are made for children and don’t have any side effects.

  1. Cover them properly:

Cover your child properly to ensure better protection. Make them wear full sleeves and pants, whenever they step out of the house. It is difficult to keep them indoors, therefore it is essential to prepare them well to prevent them from getting bitten by Aedes mosquitoes.

  1. Practice good hygiene:

Good hygiene practice is very essential for good health. Teach them why it is necessary to wash their hands and feet regularly, especially when they come back home from outdoors or before eating a meal, or after using the washroom. Make sure they take a bath frequently, to keep their hygiene at its best.

  1. Feed them immunity-boosting food:

Good immunity is important for fighting off any disease. A strong immune system means protection against dengue mosquitoes. You can add turmeric, yogurt, garlic, almonds, spinach, etc. to their diet.

If your child is suffering from a high fever, it is advisable to get your child to examine for the possibility of dengue. Consult our team of experts at the Bansal Global Hospital. Book your appointment today with our experienced pediatric immediately and contact us at +919911062832.

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