8 Ways to avoid getting sick during Fall and Winter

8 Tips to Avoid Getting Sick During Fall and Winter

When the temperature goes down, which is a normal phenomenon during the change of season, the chances of falling sick increases. The body takes time in acclimatizing to the weather change, which causes cold and flu. The winter season is also known as Flu season, brings along a lot of health issues such as fever, cold, cough, and various other infections. The reason being, the cold air disturbs the first line of the shield, where flu and common cold try to enter the body through the nose.

During this pandemic outbreak, most of the people are working from home, it’s more likely that if one person falls sick, the other person will get sick as well. But, there are certain precautions, a person can take to protect themselves from common winter health conditions. Here, are a few tips to boost your immunity and protect yourself from the cold weather:

        1. Stay fit: A regular workout will keep you naturally warm. As it will burn calories and boost your immune system.

  1. Drink enough water: Keeping yourself hydrated is very crucial for your health. This also releases the toxin from the body.
  2. Maintain proper hygiene: A good hygienic practice is essential for a healthy body. Washing your hands frequently will rub away the virus off your skin. Also, avoid touching your nose and mouth to prevent yourself from bacteria.
  3. Get plenty of Vitamin D: Take sufficient Vitamin D during cold weather, as it is required to fight off cold and cough.
  4. Eat healthily: Avoid skipping meals as it will make you feel colder and will deprive you of vital minerals and vitamins. Don’t miss your protein intake, as they improve the immune system and keeps you healthy.
  5. Take proper sleep: A lack of sleep results in a weak immune system and leads to weight gain, this increases the risk of falling sick.
  6. Keep your house clean: Cleaning your house is the first step towards fighting germs and bacteria as a plethora of microbes stays on the surfaces and various corners of your house.
  7. Avoid going out: If the body remains warm, this reduces the spread of common infections. Exposing yourself to the harsh cold weather will make your body more susceptible to issues like viral, cold, and cough

The cold and cough may get worse during extreme winters. If you or anyone in the family has fallen sick, consult our team of health care experts at the Bansal Global Hospital.

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