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TPA Cashless Services for all Insurance Patients at Bansal Global Hospital

Bansal Global Hospital is delighted to inform, that we have put another step forward in order to offer seamless services to the public. We now accept cashless services for insured patients through TPA. Let’s have a brief introduction to the said services, for a clearer understanding.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, TPA or Third Party Administrator or Cashless medical service is an organization that processes claims (health insurance here). It offers an insured person the advantage of availing medical treatment at the finest hospitals, without having to pay from their own pocket. Hospitalization expenses, up to the sum insured are directly settled by the insurance company. In this process, prior approval of the TPA (Third-Party Administrator) is required. They are basically the representatives of health insurance companies.

On many occasions, patients or their family members, have to go to the hospital in a hurry. If a cashless medical policy is offered in your health insurance policy, the family need not run around managing funds at the time of a medical emergency. The procedures cost much to the inability of the family to arrange the funds immediately. The cashless mediclaim service can be availed during these crucial times. In a cashless policy, the insurer directly pays the hospital for the patient’s medical treatment. TPA cashless service enables the patients with health insurance to apply for a cashless service in TPA enables hospitals. There, they can go on without having to worry about submitting their fees directly as the hospital settle the amount with the insurance company. You need to remember the following while availing of the cashless mediclaim services.

  • You need to inform the TPA before getting admitted to a hospital. In case of an emergency situation, a family member should do so, so that the process for getting the sanction for a cashless claim begins within 24hours of hospitalization.
  • Take your ID card as proof at the time of hospitalization. Don’t forget to carry the cashless card, policy number, and other relevant details of the insurance provider.
  • Your medical reports should be handy.
  • Give complete information to your health insurer in the prescribed format.

Bansal Global Hospital values its patients and recognizes their needs for TPA cashless service in a hospital. Hence, we have enabled such services on our premises as well. You just need to submit certain documents in the hospital along with the non-admissible fees to take benefit of your Health Insurance.

For now, cashless services are available only for insurances enabling through TPA. For more information, please contact the hospital. Click here for contact details and other information regarding specialist Doctors and appointments at Bansal Global Hospital.

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