cause of the Chamki fever

Cause and Treatment of Chamki Fever

Chamki fever as we commonly know the Acute Encephalitis Syndrome has been affected hundreds of children till now in Bihar. So, we have already discussed what Chamki fever is. We have been asked in our queries as to what is the reason behind the disease, what virus causes so, etc.

Here’s what our doctors at Bansal Global Hospital have to say about its causes and also the line of treatment.


Mainly, the virus is the main cause of encephalitis syndrome. But in earlier decades, bacteria, toxins, chemicals, and other agents have also been noted to be the cause of the Chamki fever.

In India, as per findings, the Japanese Encephalitis Virus is found to be the main cause of the condition. Other agents include Influenza A virus, simplex virus, Nile virus, measles, and others.


As of yet, no cure has been found to fight Chamki fever. As an alternative, medications are recommended by medical experts to calm down the symptoms of the fever.

It is currently being treated by anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen, Naproxen Sodium, Acetaminophen, and likewise to control the symptoms of fever and headache.

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