Encephalitis or Chamki Fever

What is Encephalitis or Chamki Fever

Acute Encephalitis Syndrome, locally known as the Chamki Fever has already taken up more than 100 lives in one of the districts in Bihar. The toll is getting higher with time, and there is no sign of relief as of now.

So, what exactly is this fever? Our experts at Bansal Global Hospital makes it clear:

Chamki fever is actually an inflammatory condition of the brain. It brings with it various symptoms and conditions which affects the whole body. The fever mostly attacks children and young adults. Chamki fever is most prevalent in the age group of one to ten years of children. The condition is also associated with a seizure.

It’s a highly serious public health problem in India as so many children have been dying in several districts of Bihar and adjoining areas. Though it can happen at any time of the year, the statistics reveal that this season is the worst hit with the highest number of patients.

The condition indeed is a serious one and everyone needs to be alert in such a situation of a health emergency. So, of any child or young adult around you are suffering from any of the symptoms, you should immediately take them for a check-up at the nearest specialist hospital.

To know more about the disease, check out other columns on our website. For regular/emergency checkups and tests, you can show up at Bansal Global Hospital 24×7.

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