While cleaning

We keep ourselves clean but don’t you think your home should also be clean?

Top dirty places at home which should be clean!

While cleaning means getting rid of the regular dirt from your home, hygiene has a more holistic meaning attached to it. It doesn’t mean mindless cleaning or just cleaning in the sense that it looks clean.

Our doctors at Bansal Global Hospital agree to the fact that what looks clean isn’t necessarily hygienic as well. Hygiene relates to the removal of germs as well when compared to just cleaning it to look proper.

So, what all places can be termed as the hygiene hotspot at your home? Meaning which not only requires regular soap and water cleaning but disinfecting with a disinfectant as well.

The hygiene hot spots at your home are:

  • The place where raw food is handled and prepared to further meals.
  • Your hands after eating (with fingers).
  • Your hands after using the toilet.
  • People who are coughing, sneezing or blowing their nose.
  • Caring for pets.
  • Handling the garbage of the house.
  • Washing and handling dirty clothes.
  • A family member with infection.

Our home is our World keep it clean to keep yourself fit!

 If you or your child is getting sick frequently, you might need to discuss it in detail with a specialized consultant. Maybe the germs present at your home are causing it. To know more, book an appointment with us at Bansal Global Hospital.

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