Best food for your bones

Best Food For Your Bones: Prevent Osteoporosis

Best Food For Your Bones

What is Osteoporosis ?

Osteoporosis is a condition where your bones become thin and lose their strength. It can lead to bone pain, fractures and disability which can make daily activities extremely difficult to perform. 1 in 3 women and 1 in one 5 men, over the age of 50 suffer from broken bones that is caused by Osteoporosis.

It is often called ‘silent disease’ because it stays unknown unless you have a fractured bone from a minor jump or fall­––which normally wouldn’t have caused such a drastic injury.


What causes Osteoporosis?

Your bones are always regenerating themselves–– new bones are made and old ones are broken down. When you are young, your body makes new bones faster than it breaks the old ones. But as you age, this process slows down.

Calcium plays an important part in keeping your bones healthy. Osteoporosis most likely to occur if you have low calcium intake. Lack of calcium in the body contributes to bone loss, slow bone regeneration and low bone density which leads to development of Osteoporosis.


How you can prevent Osteoporosis?

Each one of us need calcium to keep our body and bones healthy. We absorb calcium through our diet and proper sunlight. Also, the need for calcium differs as we age.

So, here’s how you can prevent Osteoporosis by making simple changes in your diet and lifestyle. There are few things you can adapt in your daily routine to keep your bones healthy.

  1. Calcium: Calcium is a mineral that your body needs to keep itself healthy. Therefore, it is important you have a proper amount of calcium in your body.
  2. Exercising: Weight bearing exercises­ such as walking, dancing, running, etc can help keep your bones heathy. Also, resistance exercises like using an opposing force can build and strengthen muscles to prevent falling.
  3. Balance diet: Having food rich in calcium and protein will strengthen your bones.
  4. Build healthy habits: Getting enough Vitamin-D, maintaining a healthy weight, avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol, etc will keep you healthy.


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