What is Double Mutation?

Double mutation in viruses is very common. Like all viruses, the covid-19 virus is also changing as it spreads from person to person. Usually, most alterations are insignificant and do not change the way it behaves. But some mutations, like the ones found in the United Kingdom or South Africa, can be deadly. 

Since the pandemic started numerous mutations have been identified. Recently, a new mutation of the Covid-19 reported in India which is also referred to as the double mutant virus is now becoming a major concern in the country. 

So, what is Double Mutation or Covid-19 Mutation? 

The double mutation is when two mutations or variants of the virus come together and make a new form of variant. One mutation of the virus is found in USA California and one is from India. These two strains combined and formed a new variant. This is called a double mutation. 

Is this Covid-19 Mutation deadly?  

So far there is not enough data to suggest that it is spreading rapidly or causing more deaths.  However, it is efficient. What should be taken into account is that more studies need to do on this virus and its behavior so that we adapt to the changes and become more aware and cautious fighting the Covid-19 virus.

Will the vaccines work against this Covid-19 Mutation? 

The available vaccines will work on the new Covid-19 viruses. Vaccines help increase resistance and make antibodies. So, it is important to get vaccinated as soon as possible. In addition to that keep following the proper guidelines as directed by the Government of India.

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