Role of early movement after fracture surgery

Role of early Movement After Fracture Surgery

Medical sciences have made much progress when it comes to bone-related illnesses and accidents. While a plaster for long periods of time was the only option years ago, now advanced surgery can be done to tackle difficult fracture cases and enhances early healing.

While Fracture Surgery is nothing sort of a miracle, it is important to follow it up with early movement. We got in touch with our head of department (orthopaedic department), Dr Suresh Bansal to throw some light on the role of early movement after fracture:

The concept of early movement and mobilization after a fracture surgery is comparatively new. It was only when early mobilization started giving positive results that orthopaedists started recommended it.

Early mobilization reduced the bed rest time to a significant level. When it comes to fracture healing, rest isn’t clearly the best thing. You need to start the movement in order to make your bones used to motion instead of them getting stiff and taking longer time to move normally.

Much muscle power is also lost if there is no early movement after fracture surgery. On the other hand, if there is correct mobilization, it has a significant impact on fracture healing.

But, it doesn’t mean that the patient should start regular work. The mobilization should be in sync with what your orthopaedic surgeon recommends. It starts from light movement and eventually normal movement after a time period.

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