menstrual cycle

Identifying Abnormal Menstrual Bleeding

Women have additional responsibilities in every arena of life. Even when it comes to their health, they have something additional to care about. Yes, it is their reproductive health. Even though men can also have problems with their reproductive health but women are more conscious of it as they have to go through menstrual bleeding every month starting from 13-14 years of age.

Menstrual Cycle

In a way, it is your menstrual cycle that tells a lot about your reproductive health.  Irregular bleeding can be signed to something more serious. But women are always confused about what Abnormal Bleeding is. Our Gynaecologist Dr.Bimla Bansal has some suggestions for you:

  • If your menstrual cycle is between 2 to 7 days and the flow is average, there is no need to worry. However, if it is less than a day or more than 7 days, you need to treat it as abnormal and check with your Gynaecologist for the cause of the problem.
  • Light bleeding is usually not abnormal but if it is accompanied by unbearable cramps every month, you need a check-up.
  • Regular spotting between your two periods (bleeding more than once in a month) is also abnormal and needs medical attention.
  • If your menstrual period is extremely heavy, you should undergo tests prescribed by your Gynaecologist.

So, if you identify with any of the above symptoms, you shouldn’t take it lightly. Make an appointment with a specialised gynaecologist and get treated at the earliest.

You can book an appointment with Dr.Bimla Bansal by contacting Bansal Global Hospital.

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