Kids and minor household accidents

Kids and Minor Household Accidents: A Guide

When you have toddlers running around the house, minor accidents are bound to happen. No matter how careful you are, you can’t stop them and it is okay. It is a part and parcel of life and doesn’t mean that you are a bad parent. But to know how to handle these minor accidents is very important.

So, we got in touch with our in-house paediatrician to know about the common things that can happen to your child and how to manage them.


Falls while running is one of the most common accidents that can happen to your child. If there are minor scratches, just clean it with an antiseptic liquid and apply an ointment like Betadine. Your child will be fine within a day or two.

Stair Falls

This one is also a Regular Accident at household but you need to be more careful with the stairs as a small event can change into a dreadful accident. If the fall is from one or two steps and didn’t hurt the head or any major area, it’s fine. But if you think there can be an internal injury, go for a check-up with an Ortho Doctor, just to be sure.


Burns are the most painful of all minor accidents. If your child suffers a minor burn, keep the area under running water rather than keeping an ice pack as it will cause blisters. Keep the area clean and consult a skin doctor if skin damage is visible.


Cuts should be followed by pressurizing the area to stop the blood. If the blood stops within a few minutes, the cut is minor. If not, you should take your child to the emergency to check whether any stitches are required.

You can never be too safe, so just be prepared for any upcoming accidents, god forbid. Always maintain a first-aid box for minor accidents.

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