Osteoporosis as an Epidemic


Unfortunately, the term Osteoporosis is hardly unknown to anyone. It is a disease which reduces the quality and density of the bones making it difficult to perform even everyday task for the patient. And to utter dismay, a large portion of the old age population suffers from population today.

One of the studies indicates that more than 50million people in India either suffer from osteoporosis or have critically low bone mass (which can soon aggravate to osteoporosis). And it’s a pretty old study; currently, the statistics would be much higher.

It attacks mostly when people cross the age mark of forty, which is comparatively very young age for someone to have such a disease and suffer in their day to day life.

Dr Suresh Bansal, our Bone Specialist and one of the Best Orthopaedic doctors in Delhi NCR reveal that even healthy-looking adults are often diagnosed with osteoporosis. It can be due to various reasons including obesity, lack of body movement, lack of calcium, and so on.

Osteoporosis is also the reason for more than one and a half million fractures each year in India.

Another study found that women are more prone to it than men as menopause affects the bones adversely and results in the reduction of their bone strength.

So, if you are suffering from regular joint pain or any bone deformity, especially if you are 35+, you shouldn’t avoid it. Self-medication or no medication can worsen it. See a specialist before it is too late and save yourself from a life of pain and handicap.

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