food is bad for your kid

Why processed food is bad for your kid?

Our lifestyle is changing rapidly from what was a decade ago. Now, with both parents working (mostly), it is really difficult to cook fresh food for the family or even focus too much on what’s going into our bodies.

But the problem lies therein. We are so busy in our lives, that the most important thing i.e. our bodies, is often ignored. A healthy body is very necessary to lead a resourceful life. And if your kids have a bad start then most probably they are going to get that way only and that’s going to affect your child in the long run.

It is much easier to get a packet of noodles from the market and boil it and give it to your child. But what’s going into their bodies? Is it something nutritious? Most probably, not!

So, why is it that processed food is bad for your kid while the packet mentioned it to be all healthy? Let’s see:

  • You never know what oil they are made in and if the oil is fresh or not. Most probably it is fried or made in some cheap unhealthy oil.
  • It is high in sugar content.
  • You don’t know if fresh produce is used to make the product.
  • You don’t know if the utensils/machinery/hands used are clean and sanitized.
  • It is addictive (and unhealthy).
  • It motivates obesity as it is difficult to resist.
  • It uses preservatives which might not be good for the body.
  • It is high in trans fat.
  • It contains artificial ingredients.

So, will you still choose processed food for your child?

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