Breast Transplant

Who can undergo Breast Transplant?

Breast augmentation surgery is a technique of enlarging breast size by transplanting body fat or implants into breast. It is very popular among ladies as it enlarges the size of breasts and enhances the appearance of it. Breast transplant can be done if you fall in one of these categories:

Non-pregnant and non-breastfeeding mothers

Breast augmentation cannot be done in breast feeding mothers as it may hamper breast feeding. It is also not done on pregnant females. The effect on mother and foetus is unknown due to ethical reasons.

Women with mastectomy

People who have undergone mastectomy or breast tissue removal due to any disease or injury can also undergo breast transplant surgery to get fuller looking breast. It is important to undergo proper screening before undergoing surgery.

Women with under-developed breast

People who have naturally under developed or asymmetrical breast can undergo transplant. Sometimes only one breast is under developed, in such conditions only one breast in implanted though it does not guarantees full symmetry of both breasts. The success of the surgery is based mostly on the efficiency of the surgeon.

Women with fully grown breast

People who have fully developed breast undergo breast transplant if they are not happy with the shape of their breasts. But it is important to set realistic expectations as breast implants can only increase size to a certain extent. Adolescent girls are not good candidates for breast transplants.

Largely, if you aren’t undergoing any other health condition, breast implant is a possibility. However, the team at Bansal Global Hospital strictly advices you to share all your health reports and conditions with your doctor before finalizing the procedure.


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