How to care for your Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant one of the widely accepted surgeries done to treat alopecia patches, scars, and baldness. It is usually a safe procedure and does not involve much hassle. But some precautions should be taken to avoid any side effects later on. You can take care of your hair transplant in following ways:

Regular medications

It is important to take your anti inflammatory and antibiotic drugs prescribed by your doctor on time. Skipping your medications makes your transplant area more prone to swelling and infections can dwell in the donor as well as recipient site.


Regular dressing is done by cleaning the donor and recipient area. You may be asked to visit the doctor for dressing or you can learn it from your doctor. Dressing should be done with precautious using prescribed ointments and extra pressure should be avoided.


Protection of the transplant area is very crucial for good outcome. Avoid getting into sports activity for a few days as sweating can increase chances of infection. Also avoid swimming in chlorinated water and protect your scalp from dust particles and pollutants.


Shampooing is important to remove scabs of skin around the hair follicle. Shampooing can be done after 2-3 days of transplant but you should always ask your doctor. Only use the products prescribed by your doctor on your scalp area.

Other than that, the doctor advises you a number of tips to follow after your transplant, depending on your condition and the type of transplant.

At Bansal Global Hospital, we take extra care of our patients and make sure that there is no damage caused to the patient during the procedure. You can also book an appointment for a more confident life. Just get in touch with us through the website or show up at our health desk for more information.

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