When is Liposuction Contraindicated?

Liposuction is a safe procedure and is minimally invasive. But in some cases, it may not be performed due to associated risk factors. It is important to undergo a thorough screening before going under the knife. Some of the contraindications are explained below:

Underlying heart disease

Patient with a history of heart conditions like cardiac arrest or artery blockage is not allowed to undergo liposuction. People who are taking blood thinners, insulin and antihypertensive medications are also in the contraindicated list. These people have more chances of severe bleeding or poor healing. Anesthesia may also worsen their condition.

Pulmonary complications

People with pulmonary conditions like pulmonary edema, pneumonia or COPD are not good candidates for liposuction. As surgeries can worsen their condition and get severe breathing difficulty. A person is usually asked if he or she is a chronic smoker and a chest X-ray is mandatory before surgery.


Liposuction is not done in pregnant or lactating women. Effects of liposuction on the mother and infant are not well known due to ethical reasons.


Plastic surgeons usually don’t perform liposuction on cancer patients especially if there is an active malignancy. It may not go well with chemotherapy and may increase the suffering of the patient.

Morbid obesity

Liposuction is not very successful in excessively obese people and is, therefore, not very widely performed. Morbidly obese people are expected to have underlying heart conditions and poor physical health and may not respond very well to liposuction. Such patients are usually asked to lose some weight and improve physical fitness before any surgery.

It is imperative to discuss your underlying condition to your cosmetic surgeon before going through any procedure. Bansal Global Hospital makes sure to do all important tests before suggesting anything to the patient. You can also book an appointment with us to know the possible options for you.

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