What’s the difference between governments hospitals and private hospitals

While govt. hospitals are necessary for an economy like India, let’s agree to the fact that the condition of these hospitals is deplorable (adding to the burden of private hospitals). For a patient to get their turn in an OPD, one has to wait hours in the queue, adding to the woes of the patient.

And if the patients need to be admitted for professional care, the process is endless. Surgeries and procedures often take months to get done. Such is the real scenario of any typical public hospital in the country.

Moreover, one often has to go one place to another to get different tests done as the hospitals don’t have ample facilities. Even when there are, the reports often get misplaced due to careless handling by concerned authorities as their job is fixed and there is no harm being done to them.

If you happen to see a doctor on gazetted and other holidays, half of the govt. hospital staff is at left. Do out ailments and problems wait till the holiday is over? And what about the unclean environment that can make even a healthy person sick?

But at the end of the day, they are the cheapest. And how come Private Hospital bills have such a huge difference than these? Let’s understand this as well:

Private hospitals aim at providing tailored services to each of its patients and therefore need more nursing and general staff for the same. This increases the operating costs of private hospitals to a significant level, even though it doesn’t seem to.

More importantly, Public Hospitals aren’t lenient in terms of services. They always 24×7 doctors in the hospital to look into emergency cases and also the routine visits to admitted patients is regular, even few times a day.


Looking at services, a well maintained public hospital is equipped with the latest gadgets and medical equipment to provide apex services to the patients. Hospital ICU is also NICU equipped and extra care is taken to give the best treatment and care to sensitive patients.

Dirty surroundings can increase infections in patients and public hospitals keep special care of this. You will always find the cleaning staff working in some part of the hospital, every time. The floors are clean along with personal rooms, ICUs, and washrooms. Medical waste is also properly disposed to avoid coming in contact with people around.

All in all, the cost of running a private hospital is definitely manifold than that of a public hospital. And mainly, there is no aid or funds provided by the government.

So, from where do we expect these hospitals to bear our expenses? For them to provide us with appropriate services, it becomes important for them to raise our bills a bit. And it’s for our own benefit. After all, what benefit does one’s wealth give without their health?

Difference Between Governments Hospitals and Private Hospitals
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Difference Between Governments Hospitals and Private Hospitals
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While govt. hospitals are necessary for an economy like India, let’s agree to the fact that the condition of these hospitals is deplorable

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