What We Know So Far About Omicron?

All about Omicron

As we continue to monitor Omicron’s course and learn more about it. We don’t know how fast it spreads, how severe the diseases it causes, or how effectively available vaccinations and treatments perform against it.


The Omicron variety is more likely to spread than the original SARS-CoV-2 virus, and it is uncertain how rapidly Omicron spreads in comparison to Delta. Anyone infected with Omicron is believed to be able to transfer the virus to others, even if they have been vaccinated or do not show symptoms.

Illness of Extreme Severity

More research is needed to see if Omicron infections, particularly reinfections and breakthrough infections in people who have been fully vaccinated, cause more serious illness or death than infections with other variations.


Current vaccines should protect against severe sickness, hospitalisation, and death caused by the Omicron variant. Breakthrough infections are more probable in those who have been fully vaccinated. Vaccines against other variations, such as Delta, have remained effective in reducing serious disease, hospitalizations, and death. The latest outbreak of Omicron stresses the necessity of vaccination and booster shots.


Researchers are investigating how effective existing COVID-19 treatments are. Some treatments are expected to stay successful, while others may become less effective, due to Omicron’s altered genetic make-up.

Experts suggest caution until further information is available. As a result, it’s critical to follow the Covid -19 guidelines, which include wearing masks, maintaining proper physical distance, maintaining hand hygiene, and proper ventilation.

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