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What to do if you have fallen Sick?

The Coronavirus outbreak has put a lot of pressure on the healthcare industry. People who are suffering from common cold, fever and cough, may or may not have Covid 19. The symptom can be caused by any virus and can lead to respiratory issues. Therefore, it is essential to keep yourself updated with certain self-diagnosis and opt for a virtual consultation if you have fallen sick, but not sure if you are Covid 19 positive. Mild illnesses can be treated at home, but if you are in contact with someone who is suffering from Coronavirus, contact a medical expert immediately. It is important to:

  • Monitor your symptoms
  • Check for emergency warning signs such loss of taste or smell, trouble in breathing, muscle pain and chills, get emergency medical assistance on urgent basis.

If you have fallen sick, but not sure if you have Covid 19, following are the steps to care of yourself:

  • Remain at home and self-isolate yourself
  • Try to use a separate bathroom, if possible
  • Maintain good hygiene
  • Wear mask if you around other people or pets
  • Do not share personal stuff like napkins, soap, utensils, bedding and towels. 
  • Disinfect all your belongings such as laptop, phone, bathroom fixtures, toilet, fridge etc. 

If your symptoms are getting worse, consult our team of health care provider at the Bansal Global Hospital and tell them you have Coronavirus Symptoms, they may suggest you a Covid 19 test.  Before entering the medical care facility wear a face mask to avoid spreading the germs to others in the exam room or waiting area. 

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