What is Sciatica Pain?

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body; it originates from your spinal cord in the lower back, extends through your hips and then moves down to your lower limb. Sciatica pain occurs when this sciatic nerve is irritated and compressed. Usually it agitates only one side of your body. It is a tingling pain which results into moderate to severe pain in your back, causing weakness and lack of sensation.


There can be an underlying damage to your sciatic nerve which resulted into an unbearable pain and also restricts your movement. Sciatica most frequently happens when a herniated disk compresses part of the nerve. This causes tenderness, inflammation and often numbness in the affected leg.

Symptoms of Sciatica Pain:

  • Soreness: Sciatic pain is an immense pain initiating from the lower back travelling to your hips and further down to your limb.
  • Numbness: There is numbness causing tingling in acute cases
  • Affects one side: The pain arises on either side of the leg which results in heaviness in the strained leg. 
  • Posture related symptoms: The symptoms include pain while sitting, getting up, walking, bending forward and coughing. 

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