kala Motia

What is Kala motia?

Kala motia or glaucoma is an eye disease which is caused by increased pressure on the eyeball. This increased eye pressure can cause damage to the optic nerve which may lead to blindness. It has become common and is the second most common cause of blindness worldwide. Glaucoma can be asymptomatic but many times it can elicit the following symptoms:

  1. Frequent need to change glasses
  2. The patient may see rainbow-like rings while looking at a light source.
  3. The patient may complain of pain in the head and eye region usually after prolonged staring on screen.
  4. A person may find difficulty in performing skilful work like putting the thread in a needle and driving etc.
  5. In many cases, a person may lose side vision while central vision remains intact

Blindness due to glaucoma (Kala Motia) can be prevented but cannot be cured. The prognosis depends on the amount of pressure in the eye. It is important to get your eye checked regularly for early detection and better prognosis. You can avail eye check-up with advanced machinery and an experienced ophthalmologist at Bansal Global Hospital. Call for appointment.

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