How common is Cancer in India

What is Cancer?

Cancer, the word itself gives goose bumps and is the most common disease in the current scenario. But what exactly is cancer?

Cancer is the uninhibited expansion of unusual cells in the body. There are billions of cells in our body. The old cells die when they are damaged or worn out and new cells replace them for better functioning. Cancer develops when the old cells don’t die and the abnormal cells start growing and spreads rapidly. These extra cells usually group or bunch together in the structure of mass of tissue or lump also known as a Tumor or a Growth. But all lumps can’t be termed as cancer. Lump which are cancerous are also called as Malignant and lump which is not a cancer is called as Benign.


Cancer can happen anywhere in the body. Some cancers develop and multiply promptly. Others grow more gradually. They also react to healing in different ways. Treatment is dependent on the type of cancer and its stage. The main three treatments are Surgery (Removal of the cancer), Chemotherapy (use of drugs to kill cancer) and Radiation Therapy (using radiations or x-ray to kill cancer). The treatment will depend upon what’s preeminent for the patient. 

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