What are the complications involved in a breast implant?

Breast implants have attracted a lot of women around the world as it improves the appearance of breasts and alters its size conveniently. But as with other surgeries, there are many complications associated with breast implants as well. Some of these are listed below:

Implant collapse

Breast implant can leak and either deposit in the implant pocket or dissolve in itself depending on the type of implant. It can reverse the effect of implant and can lead to asymmetry of both breasts. It is important to go for regular follow ups with your doctor to check if your implant is functioning properly or not.


Infections are a major concern in any kind of surgery. If you take care of wound site properly and be regular on your antibiotics you can prevent having any infection. Your doctor may also ask if you have any active infection going on before you go under the knife.

Rotation of implants

Many implants can get rotated and give an unusual look to the breast. However, there are a number of implants available that don’t rotate and are adhered to implanted site. In case of rotation of implant another revision surgery may be required.

Altered breast sensation

Breast implant may temporarily or permanently change the sensation of your breasts. It may cause fewer sensations in the nipples that can affect breast feeding and sexual response.  Though, many women do not complain of any such problem or altered sensation subsides with time.

Breast implant should be chosen very wisely according to needs and suitability to avoid complications. Therefore, it is important to discuss all options and outcomes with your plastic surgeon before you make a decision.

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