Welcome Summers in a Healthy Way

Winters are all set to say good bye soon. While winters in Delhi is something everyone waits for, the quality of air during these days have put a slight aversion to it. But either good or bad, it’s coming towards an end and with it there are a lot of infections waiting to get inside your houses and eventually your bodies.

So, how do we avoid getting these infections? Out in-house doctors get in discussion on the topic and here are the highlights:

Don’t hurry up with Summer fashion

Everyone is excited and eagerly waiting to shed of the kilos of clothes they had been wearing all winter long. But take it slow and don’t at once take out your summer clothes. Even while the weather gets warm, out bodies need time to sync in with the changing climate and temperature.

Till the temperature sets to an average, prefer warm clothes even if they are a bit uncomfortable. You can get reduce the number of clothes but make sure they are warm enough.

Take care of your diet

It’s just afternoon and the sun is shining brightly. You might be tempted to have some cold drinks after such a long break. But that’s not a good idea at all! Once the sun sets (or after a day maybe), you might end up getting a sore throat.

In fact, having ice-creams and cold drinks might not affect in winters but as the weather is changing, maintaining a distance from these is the best. Avoid foods that are on the cold side. For example, rice, curd, etc. should be avoided especially during or after dinner.

Bathing Habits

If your use warm water to take a bath during winters, which you most probably do, don’t jump to cold water immediately. Let the temperature set it. Your body might react adversely to it otherwise. Also, don’t soak up too long while taking a bath to avoid cold and fever.

Bathing Habits BGHBlankets

No matter how warm the days are, you are still bound to feel cold in the night. It’s truer for the later half of the night when you might be too lazy or unconscious to get up and take a blanket. So, always get your blanket before you go to bed. You can get a lighter one, but don’t risk it to nothing.

All in all, your favourite cold drinks and cotton shirts might need to wait a bit more. But then you would be welcoming summers with healthy and high spirits!

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