Vaginoplasty- Post treatment Care

Vaginoplasty is the procedure in which vaginal opening is constructed or reconstructed using surgical procedure. One must ensure proper care is taken of the surgical site to avoid side effects and give a better treatment experience. Some of the post treatment guidelines are listed below:

Regular medications

It is important to take your prescribed medications on time to avoid complications and faster healing. Your doctor may prescribe you antibiotics and pain medications. If any medications shows any side effects or is ineffective on pain, you must consult your doctor.

Avoid lifting heavy weights

Lifting heavy weights for few weeks post surgery is not recommended. Lifting heavy weight involves all the core muscles including the pelvic floor muscles. Doing strenuous activity can lay stress on the surgical site causing pain, bleeding, and even cause trauma.


One should wear protective panties as recommended by your practitioner. Also avoid going for swimming in chlorinated water and having hot water baths for few weeks during healing period. Don’t wear tight clothes and restrain from doing activities that can cause sweating.

Avoiding sexual intercourse

It may take some time to go back to sexual activities. Your doctor may recommend you to abstain from any sexual activity for around six weeks and it also depends on how long the healing procedure may take place. You may discuss it with your doctor.

If proper care is taken after surgery it heals without any complication. Make sure you visit your doctor for regular checkups.

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