How to approach a multiple Trauma Patient

Seeing people with multiple traumas is not very uncommon. It can be a result of road traffic accident, fall from stairs, or an attack. Such injuries can be life threatening if not given medical attention on time. Traumas can be very unpredictable and can affect one or more vital organs. If you ever see such patient you can save life in following way:

Check for ABC

Airway, breathing and circulation are first thing to be checked. Check if there is obstruction to airway by opening his mouth you can also feel breathing while doing that to save time. Check for circulation in wrist or neck. In absence of breathing and pulse ask someone to call an ambulance and CPR should be performed immediately.

Check for Consciousness

If ABC is clear then try to see if person is conscious or not. Try to wake him up and ask to open his eyes. You can even ask for his address or phone number to inform his relatives. Rush the person to the hospital to get him check by a professional.

Check for Bleeding

Look for an open wound or bleeding by assessing his skin and painful area. Sometimes internal breathing can occur which is fatal. Ask the person for pain and check temperature or skin color changes. If the area is warm and bruising is present then there may be some internal bleeding. Tie clean cloth is there is any open wound to stop blood loss.

Check for fracture

Don’t move the patient much if you suspect a spinal or head fracture as it can cause fractured fragments to move and injure the spinal cord or brain. It is important to fully support the spine and head before transporting such patients. Call for an ambulance as soon as possible.

Multiple Trauma patients require immediate attention a few wise steps can save their life. Don’t turn a blind eye to anybody suffering on road. Offer helping hand and make sure they are taken to a hospital at the earliest.

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