Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a progressive illness which affects flexibility of joints and causes disability. The symptoms may be intermittent and increasingly painful. For management of this disease, lifelong treatment is required. Some of the effective management strategies are listed below:

Regular Medications

Rheumatoid arthritis can be a painful condition and requires medications to keep pain and inflammation away. Skipping medications may not help with pain and deteriorate other joints as well. Regular follow up to an Orthopaedic Doctor is also necessary to get reassessed.


Rheumatoid arthritis spreads to other joints and affects mobility and cause stiffness. Regular exercise can help in keeping other joints mobile and slow down its spreading to other joints. Our specialists at Bansal Global Hospital are of the view that doing mild, active exercises before going to bed can help in reducing morning stiffness.


Hydrotherapy involves exercises that are performed in a pool. It has proven to be beneficial in reducing pain, stiffness, and muscle spasm. It helps in reducing load on weight bearing joints and making it easier to exercise and strengthen muscles.


Massage is known to improve flexibility and decrease swelling.  It can improve patients overall well being. Massage can alleviate mood and improve depression due to pain by decreasing stress hormone level.

Following treatment protocols regularly can help in reducing pain and improve the quality of life in a long run. For consultation regarding rheumatoid arthritis, contact our helpdesk at Bansal Global Hospital.

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