Complications Related to Burn Injuries

Burn injuries can be of different types and can impact the patient differently. Though the intensity of the burn is the major factor in deciding the damage, several complications are also based on the age of the patient, health status, or the availability of first aid.

As per the experience of our doctors at Bansal Global Hospital, following complications can arise out of burn injuries:


Infection is one of the most common causes of mortality in burn wounds. Burn wounds need to be regularly dressed and antibiotic therapy should be implemented. Infection in a burn wound can infect viable tissue of body and cause sepsis and organ system failure.

Fluid loss

In severe burns, fluid is lost from the body rapidly and accumulated in wounds that cause edema. This can lead to dangerous amount of fall in blood fluid volume. It can cause further cardiovascular complications and patient may enter in a state of shock.

Pulmonary complications

If a patient has endured burn injuries in a closed space is suspected to have inhalation injury. It is caused due to inhalation of hot and toxic fumes and causes pneumonia. Delayed medical attention can be life threatening. Death may occur due to carbon monoxide poisoning, airway damage and pulmonary edema.

Scars and Contractures

Burn wounds can become raised and thick known as hypertrophic scars. Such scars between skin folds and joint can lead to development of contractures which reduces joint mobility and causes disability. Skin graft surgeries may be required later in such cases.

No matter how self-healing you might find a burn, it is important to take the patient to the hospital to know the complications involve.

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