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The First Trimester of Pregnancy & Changes in your Body

When you get to know your pregnant, the indication remains invisible, but you can feel it inside you. An overflow of pregnancy hormones is preparing your body for the coming 9 months. It preps your body for the occasional pains, weakness, bloating, and whatnot. The first trimester is the initial stage of pregnancy and lasts until the end of week 13 of pregnancy.

The transformation in your body during First Trimester:

Every woman has different challenges during pregnancy. Some of them start to glow, but others feel completely unpleasant. Although, the first sign is a missed period, here are some physical changes you might notice in the coming week:

1.Swollen breasts:

Once you become pregnant, sore breasts are the initial sign. The reason is hormonal changes, as it is preparing the body to feed the child. The uneasiness will reduce after a few weeks. You can either wear a bra size bigger or wear a sports bra, which will make you feel easy and comfy.


The body releases more progesterone hormones during pregnancy. They relax the valve in the middle of the stomach and throat, which lets the stomach acid leak into your mouth, which can cause acid reflux i.e. heartburn. To avoid the burn, eat small regular meals, stay away from fried & spicy food, don’t lie on the bed immediately after your meals.


The high amount of hormone progesterone during pregnancy can slow down the digestion process by contracting the muscles, that are responsible for the movement of food through the body. This can lead to constipation. Even the extra iron you take during pregnancy can also cause constipation and gas. It is better to increase your fiber intake and keep yourself hydrated. If the constipation is really troubling you, talk to your doctor about it. You can also consult our team of expert gynecologists at the Bansal Global Hospital.

4.Excessive urination:

This is another problem faced by many women, i.e. increased urination. Although the baby is very small, the uterus is developing, which puts extra pressure on your bladder. It is better to reduce your caffeine intake, which triggers your bladder. But, don’t miss out on the water because your body requires it. And whenever there is an urge to pee, don’t control.

5.Food craving and dislikes:

When you conceive, the taste bud can change. You also tend to become sensitive towards certain odors. It is okay to overindulge sometimes, but try to eat healthy and low-calorie food as much as possible. The reason behind this is hormonal changes.


During pregnancy, the body gets tired more easily due to high levels of the hormone progesterone. Take a rest whenever you feel tired. Lack of iron can also make u tired more than usual.


Up to 80% of pregnant women complain about morning sickness. It can stimulate anytime throughout the day but is generally worse in the morning. It happens due to an increase in hormone levels. To relieve your nausea, don’t be empty stomach and eat small meals. If your condition gets severe, why not fix an appointment at the Bansal Global hospital.


During their first trimester, some pregnant women bleed a little. It is an indication, that an embryo has been inserted into the uterus. In case there is heavy bleeding, it could be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage. You need to consult your doctor immediately.

0.Increase in weight:

Gaining around 2 to 3 kgs during your first trimester is normal. Make sure you’re not eating for two people; you just have to eat extra 150 calories a day. Opt for healthy options such as fruits, milk, whole-grain, vegetables, etc.

10.White discharge:

A white discharge in your early pregnancy is normal. Wear a panty liner, if it makes you uncomfortable. If the discharge is in green or yellow color, consult your doctor.

The doctor will schedule appointments every 4 weeks for the initial 32 weeks of pregnancy. But, if you have complications in your pregnancy, the doctor will schedule more regular appointments. Ask your Pregnancy-related questions from our expert gynecologists at the BANSAL GLOBAL HOSPITAL and receive immediate medical help. If you are facing the above-mentioned signs, you should refer our team of specialists at the earliest.

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