Second Trimester of Pregnancy & Changes in Your Body

Second Trimester of Pregnancy & Changes in Your Body

The second trimester of pregnancy is the mid-stage of pregnancy, usually lasts from 13 to 28 weeks or you can precisely say 4th till 6th month. Most women feel uncomfortable during their first trimester but start to feel good during the second trimester. In fact, it is the coolest 3 months of pregnancy for many females. The morning sickness and vomiting reduces with time and the breast soreness eases up. Since your hormones balance out, you tend to get more energetic and your mood swing also lessens. These changes are due to a reduction in the levels of the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. This is the right time to take out time to plan the arrival of your baby.

During this phase, the baby bump starts to show and the fetus continues to develop. So, don’t be afraid of gaining weight, as during this trimester the body starts to gain weight more quickly. The fetus has grown all its organs and system by this time. And now, will also start to grow in weight and length. The umbilical cord continues to grow thick as it brings nutrition to the fetus. The most important thing is to avoid consuming tobacco, alcohol, cigarettes, and other harmful substance, as it will also pass to the fetus along with other nourishment. Though you should be feeling healthier now, a lot of changes are going on in the body.  Here are a few physical changes you will go through such as:

1. UTI – Urinary Tract Infections:

UTI is very common during this pregnancy stage. The hormonal changes in the body reduce the flow of urine. The bladder doesn’t get empty fully as the uterus increases in size, therefore pushes on it. If you experience immense pain while urinating or it has a strong smell or feels a burning sensation when you pee. Contact our team of qualified gynecologists at the BANSAL GLOBAL HOSPITAL. Untreated UTI can result in preterm labor and can also cause a kidney infection.

2. Pain in the lower abdomen:

The cramps and pain are due to the expansion of the uterus as it puts stress on muscles and ligaments nearby. Minor pain is normal and could be due to constipation or acidity.

3. Backache:

Due to weight gain, there is a lot of pressure on your back. Therefore, the back starts to pain and gets sore.

4. Braxton Hicks Contractions:

It is also termed false labor. There is an irregular contraction in your stomach due to the narrowing of your uterine muscles. The contraction usually occurs during noontime or in the evening. They cause a lot of discomforts. If you feel constant pain, contact your doctor. It could be an indication of preterm labor.

5. Acidity or heartburn or constipation:

As the uterus grows, it starts to press your abdomen, this pushes the food and acid up into your throat. This causes heartburn and indigestion.

6. Bleeding gum:

Many women complaints of swollen and tender gums. The increase in hormones sends more blood to the gum, which impacts the mucous membranes in the mouth, making them more sensitive and bleed easily.

7. Nose bleeding:

Due to the rise in hormones, the body makes more blood. This results in swelling of the mucus membrane, therefore the nose starts to bleed. The nose also becomes stiff and congested.

8. Leg Pain:

Cramps in the leg are another common problem. As the pregnancy progresses, there is immense pressure on the blood vessels and nerves, that moves to your leg, hence causing pain.

9. Discharge:

During the second trimester, you might notice a white-colored discharge known as leukorrhea, this is very normal. A bloody or foul-smelling discharge or if the discharge is in excess, it is not a good sign. Consult our team of qualified gynecologists at the BANSAL GLOBAL HOSPITAL.

10. Skin change:

Due to pregnancy hormones, you may notice skin pigmentation as there is an increase of melanin in your skin. This disappears usually after the delivery.

11. Change in the breast:

The breast size continues to increase as they are preparing your body for breastfeeding.

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