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Tennis elbow is a throbbing pain which is caused by the swelling of the tendons that connects your forearm muscles to your bone. It is generally an overuse wound which occurs when your elbow or wrist is involved in a repetitive or a strenuous motion. Even if you have not played Tennis, you are still prone to a tennis elbow. It is a very common injury but the pain can move towards your wrist and forearm.



Causes of Tennis Elbow:

Tennis elbow occurs when your elbow is overloaded and develops over time. Any motion that stresses the muscles near your elbow constantly and puts a lot of pressure on the elbow causes pain in the elbow. The continuous jerking can ultimately cause miniscule tears in the tissue. One can also get it from their occupation or actions that involves repetitive arm movement, like: 

  • Painting
  • Playing racquet
  • Plumbing
  • Constant Movement of the mouse on the laptop
  • Weight lifting

Symptoms of Tennis Elbow:

The pain may exude from the outer part of the elbow into your forearm and wrist. If you have tennis elbow, it will cause you pain while:

  • Lifting or twisting your arm 
  • Turning a doorknob
  • Lifting an object
  • Bending your arm

The pain takes a lot of time to vanish. If you have any signs of tennis elbow, there is a need to make an appointment with your doctor. Consult our team of orthopedic expert at the Bansal Global Hospital.

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